Rocks : CW-42 Brought to you by the Cogix Crossword Wizard

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1 When magma cools slowly, _____ crystals form 1 It is formed from the shells of dead sea animals
3 Deformed rock 2 Hardened sediment
4 Erosion of rock 6 It is used to make sculptures
5 It is used as an abrasive 7 Solid mixture of minerals
9 It is from weathered granite 8 Metamorphic rock formed from sandstone
11 It is used to make pottery 9 It is used to sharpen knives
13 Hardened clay 10 Formed from dead plants
14 When magma cools quickly, _____ crystals form 12 Fireproof cloth
18 Metamorphic rock formed from granite 15 Rock solidified from magma
20 A sedimentary rock that contains pebbles 16 Igneous, small crystals, no quartz
21 Igneous, large crystals, much quartz 17 Igneous, large crystals, less than 10% quartz
22 A metamorphic rock formed from shale 19 Layered sedimentary rock